In my room, and other nice things around town

One of my favorite times to be in Savannah is summer time. The mood is completely different from when SCAD is in session, a lot more laid back and sleepy.
This summer I’m living in a friend’s house while he’s out roaming the West. I was looking forward to setting up house again; a person’s space can say a lot about who they are so I always give it thought. Had me humming this song a lot.
I thought I’d document the lady-fication I performed on his room:

Art work, books, movies, music.

Here is my old kitchen island turned record play stand.

Meet Fox and Hedgehog, some animals I embroidered for a fibers class.

And meet house mate King Louis, free loading on my bed.

Louis, testing out my boys’ window perch (aka kitty sill).

Still needs more love, but I’m working on it.

Other wonderful aspects of summer Savannah:

Biking through Forsyth

Cheap lunches at Brighter Day

The fact that I live a block away from Back in the Day Bakery, easily the best cupcakes and bread pudding ever.


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