For love

Bernardo came to visit from Tampa where he is working hard these days, check it.
We have not picnicked together in our near 4 years together so I thought it was about time. We made it as iconic and picnic perfect as possible. I made everything the hard (better) way and most veggies came from the forsyth farm market the day before.

on the menu:
lemon pepper chicken and swiss sandwiches
potato salad with dill
corn on the cob
half sour pickles
blueberry cobbler
Poor mans sangria (red wine and 7-up)
three dollar flowers from Kroger

Everyone should try making these pickles some time, just search half sour pickles in the inter web. Delicious.



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2 responses to “For love

  1. bamarentes

    It’s true.

    It sure was iconic and picnic perfect in every way!

    Next time we’ll have to invite April though. (why? to eat the flies, of course.)

  2. Megan

    You guys are way too cute. Love the fan pic

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