Porch times on 40th

Hot an’ humid here in Sav town.
Makes me wish it was still the week before graduation and everyone was procrastinating to dangerous degrees doing stuff like this:

(click on these to see lots more detail)

Two of these boys are in Yellowstone, one is camping somewhere in California, and one is in the next room playing video games or something.

Miss you, boys.


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In my room, and other nice things around town

One of my favorite times to be in Savannah is summer time. The mood is completely different from when SCAD is in session, a lot more laid back and sleepy.
This summer I’m living in a friend’s house while he’s out roaming the West. I was looking forward to setting up house again; a person’s space can say a lot about who they are so I always give it thought. Had me humming this song a lot.
I thought I’d document the lady-fication I performed on his room:

Art work, books, movies, music.

Here is my old kitchen island turned record play stand.

Meet Fox and Hedgehog, some animals I embroidered for a fibers class.

And meet house mate King Louis, free loading on my bed.

Louis, testing out my boys’ window perch (aka kitty sill).

Still needs more love, but I’m working on it.

Other wonderful aspects of summer Savannah:

Biking through Forsyth

Cheap lunches at Brighter Day

The fact that I live a block away from Back in the Day Bakery, easily the best cupcakes and bread pudding ever.

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Working my way backwards

Since so much as been going on around here, I thought I’d start talking about my weekend and work my way backwards from there.

I wrote a while ago about the day I bought tickets for when the Avett Bros come to town, little did I know that day would be right in the middle of my break home! So, I made a trip back to Savannah to meet Tomas (Bernardo’s brother) and a new housemate of mine to see the show with. I probably don’t have to say much about how amazing it was, but my goodness. Third time seeing them I’ve got a feeling it will never. get. old.

If you are wondering what was sung, they played almost the same set list that they did the next day at Bonnaroo, minus all the pausing for guitar tuning in between songs since they were outside. (hear it here!)

And here’s what it looked like:


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Fine art photographer’s guide to south Georgia

I have great plans for myself and a 4×5 camera this summer.
If you’re not quite sure what one those looks like, check the pic on my about page and that’s the camera I’m messing with.

Anyways, my plans include deciding on a few landmarks that are intertwined in my and emotional identification with this state. I really wanted to start on this project sooner but as always, school kept me busy.

If any of you Thomasvillians want to help me out with locations I’d be much obliged.

Heres what I’ve accomplished so far, not much but… its growing.

The Lapham Paterson House was built in 1885 as a winter home by a Chicago shoe merchant who got caught in the Great Chicago Fire. His doctor told him to move south on account of the therapeutic value of the pine-scented air. For safe measure, he had the house built with something like 50 doors throughout.

This is Maryland Fried Chicken, no one is allowed out of Thomasville without eating at least one meal. My high school graduating class and I ate here everyday for a straight week before leaving just to get our fix.
I’m not really sure at all what happened to this negative when I exposed it but I’ll be remaking this photo once I am home again.

On another note!
I will be walking in graduation this saturday (still have 2 summer classes to finish up though)! Some other grads and I are having a large sized family party out on Tybee island after it’s all over.
pictures may ensue…

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Out takes from the farms

Just in case you’ve been wondering what I’ve been up to this spring photo wise I’ll let you know a little bit.

For my senior project at SCAD I have been visiting a handful of farms here in Georgia and documenting what they are about. These farms aren’t just any old tired farms, they are small, family oriented, modern thinking establishments and everyone should be all up in their business!
When I feel its all ready, I’ll be glad to share what I’ve collected these past 3 months.

For now, I’d like to share a little gem from Sweet Grass Dairy in my little hometown, Thomasville.

have a nice weekend!

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Jasmine on this side, honeysuckle on the that.

While taking the trash out behind my house today I realized its Jasmine season again. My next door neighbor’s fence is almost all covered up by jasmine vines and last year I’d make special trips out back just to stick my nose in it all.

One thing I love most about that plant is that the flowers wait until dusk to put out their fragrance, just in time to enjoy it after a hard days work.

and then
I see on the far corner of our fence a little growth of Honeysuckles cropping up! As much as I love the abundance of jasmine in this town, the sent of one good Honeysuckle flower if more than I can take, so amazing. I spent some good time harvesting honeysuckle nectar straight on to my tongue.

These events have made my night of work seen much more hopeful.
THANK you, Spring.

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I don’t know how she has time for it

Through some web surfing yesterday I came across this super cool newsletter put out by… Gwyneth Paltrow.

Kinda weird, huh?

Well its pretty inspiring, she even has a few home cooking videos of her being very candid and funny in the kitchen.

I know my sister will l o v e this site.

It is nice to see a famous person caring about other people’s quality of life and sharing some philosophies.

I especially liked reading about some of her favorite children’s book in this one. I’ll be keeping those in mind for when I have use for them…

It’s worth signing up for, if nothing more than to say you get e-mails from an amazing actress.

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